West Midlands Distillery - Historic Rioja Cask

Published 27 Nov 2023

Situated in the Black Country, West of Birmingham, sits Rowley Regis - home to West Midlands Distillery. A small, craft distillery, West Midlands Distillery began life producing batches of Gin, Vodka and rum, but has its sights firmly set on a future focused on Whisky. Already making a name for themselves with their Dr. Eamers brand of white spirits and rum – as well as a successful bar under the same name – West Midlands Distillery are no newbies to this game. 

However, when it comes to Whisky they’re taking things very seriously indeed. Using a direct (gas) fired copper alembic still, Jordan and the team produce high-quality new-make spirit through a slow & specific process. It all starts with heritage grains, carefully mashed and then fermented using a range of yeast strains and cask types to bring out the best in the natural flavours. Only the hearts of the distillation are utilised for these single cask whiskies, leaving nothing to chance. 

This determination and dedication leads to fruit-forward spirit with various different flavour profiles created to work best with the various cask types. A range of virgin oak, ex-Bourbon, Sherry, ex-wine and even English oak casks are deployed to continue the flavour journey and work hand-in-hand with the spirit profiles to mature into amazing single-cask spirits. 

Probably launching their first whisky mid 2024 (if it’s deemed good enough) West Midlands Distillery have now listed a very special cask on Still in Cask. This vintage Rioja barrel held the rich red wine for 20 years before being re-coopered by Jensens of Yorkshire and delivered to WMD. Immediately the spirit took on a pink hue from the wine residue and the blast of fruit aromas from nosing the cask promises a very unique, flavoursome and colourful whisky in years to come. 

We’re excited for what the future holds for West Midlands and their ageing liquids – but none more so than this ex-Rioja cask which already shows signs of maturing into a unique rose coloured, red wine influenced whisky. We’re salivating at the thought of it! Buy a share today – while stocks last!