What is a Cask Share and Why Should I Buy One?

Published 5 Jun 2023

Great question. Here at Still In Cask we love dark spirits and never pass up the opportunity to open a bottle of something new and exciting, but we also love buying in cask for the following reasons:

     1) It’s great fun. Not only do you get to curate your own collection of future single cask releases, it’s a great talking point amongst friends and family as you tell them about all the amazing liquids you’ve bought that are quietly maturing away in craft spirit warehouses. 

     2) You’re supporting distilleries to make more of the amazing products you love! Every share purchased is money straight into a distillery's pocket to help with increased production, new equipment or staff. It doesn’t feel any better than knowing you’re directly supporting these companies to do more of what they do best. 

     3) Be it Whisky, Brandy, Rum or Calvados, every bottle shared on Still In Cask is lovingly crafted by our partner distilleries and brands, bringing you unique products that – once bottled – will be the envy of the wider spirits world! 

     4) The reward is greater when you have to wait for it. As you patiently await the maturation of each cask you get to learn about the distillery, the production methods and the unique aspects of what will eventually be in your bottle. This fascinating journey provides far greater awareness and respect of the final product – maximising your eventual enjoyment of it once it’s swirling round your glass. 

     5) It’s totally safe & secure. Our state-of-the-art blockchain powered cask share platform provides an unparalleled level of security for every share you purchase – so you can rest easy (just like the spirit in your casks). 

     6) Cask shares make the perfect gift – be it for father’s day or mother’s day – Christmas, birthdays or just because someone you know deserves a little treat. Gifting our shares is simple, fun and a totally unique experience for your recipient. 

     7) When it’s gone, it’s gone. Almost all of the casks listed are totally unique and once the shares sell out and the bottles have been sent, you’ll never be able to buy that exact whisky / brandy or rum again. Some call it FOMO, we call it beating the crowd to the good stuff! 

So, yes, you can buy a bottle to open today, but will it deliver the journey, the excitement and the knowledge of directly supporting and learning about the distillery that produced it as purchasing a cask share will? Obviously not, which is why you’re desperate to check out all of our latest casks shares and start your collection today!