Frequently Asked Questions

About Still In Cask

What is Still In Cask?

Still In Cask is an innovative, global platform developed to democratise the ownership of cask spirits by dividing a full cask into Cask Shares and assuring ownership of those shares using a public blockchain.

Why has Still In Cask come about?

Cask ownership is usually reserved for those that can afford an entire cask or those that can form a syndicate of like-minded individuals. The process of buying a cask is often complicated and tailored to investors. Many enthusiasts are therefore excluded from the enjoyment of owning spirits in cask. Whisk(e)y and cask aged spirits are continuing to enjoy global growth, from everyday drinking to collectables. The consumer profile is getting younger and no longer a perceived male preserve. Still in Cask recognises that there is an opportunity for more spirits enthusiasts to get involved with cask ownership and for the distillery and the consumer to form a closer and more direct relationship. The platform is open to distillers and consumers all over the world and is aimed at anyone with more than a passing interest in enjoying Whisk(e)y and aged spirits.

What size is a Cask Share?

This is determined by the distillery/producer. Most commonly Cask Shares are 70cl of cask strength spirit, but a producer may choose a different size and alcoholic strength if they wish. The size and strength of the cask share can be found in the description and the terms and conditions.


What is a blockchain?

Blockchains are a way of recording transactions – similar to a database but without relying on a central authority to maintain it.

How does Still In Cask use the blockchain?

Still In Cask uses a public blockchain to record customers’ accounts and their Cask Shares.

Why does Still In Cask use a public blockchain?

Using a public blockchain gives you a more secure, open and public record of your purchases through Still in Cask. Another way to look at it is, if we disappear (we hope we don’t), there is still a public record of your cask share contract with the distillery.

Which public blockchain does Still In Cask use?

We use the Stellar Network, found at

Why does Still In Cask use the Stellar Network blockchain?

We use Stellar Network because it is a fast, open-source, decentralised blockchain with low fees.

What happens to my cask shares if the blockchain fails?

The Stellar network is an open-source decentralised blockchain. Still In Casks access to the blockchain may be interrupted from time to time for many reasons, but all information and cask shares on the blockchain are completely safe.

Using Still In Cask

How do I register?

You can register by clicking the ‘register’ button on the homepage.

How do I send Cask Shares to someone else?

To send Cask Shares to someone else they must first be registered with Still In Cask. To send Cask Shares you will need to know the email address that they used to register. Navigate to the bottom of the ‘My Cask Shares’ page. Complete the form at the bottom of the page. When it is submitted the Cask Shares will automatically be sent to the recipient’s account.

Why are Excise Duty and Taxes not included in the upfront cost?

There are number of reasons for this. Duty and taxes are payable by the distillery/producer when the spirit is taken out of ‘bond’ and bottled. This will be many years after you have purchased the Cask Share and the amount of duty and taxes may have changed over that time. There are also situations where no duty is not payable, such as if the cask share is being sent overseas.

What is the Platform Fee?

This is the money that comes to Still In Cask, that we use to run and make our platform better. It's 4.9% of the Cask Share price. The Cask Share price goes directly to the distillery, we don't take any cut of that. We like to be very transparent, hence we broke this out, so everyone can see who gets what money.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking the link on the sign in page. You will be emailed instructions.

What should I do if I lose my secret key?

If you lose your secret key, you should email us. We can recover your account and issue you with a new secret key.

What should I do if my secret key is stolen?

If someone apart from you has access to your secret key your account and your Cask Shares are vulnerable. If this happens you should email us immediately. We will make every effort to secure your account.

How do I join Still In Cask as a distillery/producer?

We need to perform some checks before a producer is allowed to register on Still In Cask. Any producer that would like to list cask on Still In Cask should contact us before completing the online registration.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if it is within 7 days of your purchase. Simply go to 'My Orders' and click the refund button next to the appropriate order.

When will I receive my spirit?

You will receive your spirit after the bottling date when the final invoice for duty, taxes and delivery is paid.

Are my Cask Shares insured?

This is dependent on the producer and is detailed in the terms and conditions of the Cask Shares you bought. Usually there is a provision in the terms and conditions for loss of the cask such as replacement with a similar cask.

Can I give my Cask Shares to someone else?

Yes. This is easily done through the ‘My Cask Shares’.

Can I sell my Cask Shares?

You will need to check the law in your country and the terms and conditions of the cask. In the UK you are not allowed to sell your Cask Shares for profit unless you are registered with HMRC under the ‘Warehouse Owner of Warehoused Goods Regulations’ (WOWGR).

Can I buy Cask Shares if I'm not in the UK?

Please check the terms and conditions of the Cask Share.

Is there a limit on how many Cask Shares I can buy?

There is a limit of six Cask Shares per person for the first two weeks after a cask is listed. This ensures as many people as possible who want to own part of the cask have an opportunity to do so.

How do I know if the spirit will be any good?

Each cask is unique and the spirit in those casks is also unique. This is part of the fun and excitement of owning cask spirits. We like to list unique casks from innovative, progressive distilleries so it is possible that the spirit from a particular cask might not be to your personal taste, but we are sure the journey and discovery will be enjoyable regardless.

Brand Guidelines

Do you have any brand guidelines, e.g. regarding icons or colours?

Yes. Please note, you do need our permission to use our icon, branding etc. We are generally happy for press/distilleries to use our branding to promote or discuss Still In Cask. Please do contact us for further details. Icons, Logos, and Styling details can be found here: Brand Guidelines