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Before you register, here’s a quick introduction to Still In Cask.

We enable customers to buy shares in a cask of spirit directly from distilleries, opening up the world of single-cask whiskies, rums and other spirits to all.

Buying these Cask Shares gives you early access to sought after aged spirits, in many cases at a lower price than they would be when they are bottled.

You are also supporting innovative distilleries that are often small, independent, craft businesses who would otherwise have to wait years for this cashflow. This enables them to concentrate on making unique spirits for you to enjoy.

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Introduction 2/4

When you buy Cask Shares through Still in Cask, we record it on a public blockchain.

Blockchains are a way of recording transactions – similar to a database but without relying on a central authority to maintain it. This gives you a more secure, open and public record of your purchases through Still in Cask.

Another way to look at it is, if we disappear (we hope we don’t), there is still a public record of your Cask Share contract with the distillery.

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Introduction 3/4

Your Cask Shares are recorded on the Stellar Network blockchain. Stellar is a decentralized open-source network that handles millions of transactions each day for organisations including IBM and MoneyGram.

When you register with Still In Cask, we also create an associated account for you on the Stellar Network. You will be issued with a Stellar Public Key and a Stellar Secret Key.


Think of your Stellar account as a house made of glass, so everyone can see what you own. The public key is like it's street address and the secret key is like the key to the front door.

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Introduction 4/4

The casks listed on Still In Cask will show the price of a share, the size of the share (usually 70cl) and when the cask will be bottled. This is usually quite a few years after it is listed.

The price includes bottling, but does not include duty, taxes or postage, unless otherwise stated. You will need to pay these later, when you redeem your Cask Share for a bottle.

Welcome to Still In Cask.

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