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Offer Cask Shares direct to customers

Share the maturation journey with Cask Shares and create lifelong customers

Cask Shares

Still in Cask is opening up the dream for many enthusiasts to own spirits early in the maturation process, and then follow the journey as it develops. This was previously unavailable to many people because of the expense of owning a whole cask or the inability to find group of like minded individuals to form a syndicate.

When a distillery offers a cask for sale through Still In Cask it is divided into Cask Shares (equating to a bottle of spirit). The Cask Shares are then issued on the Stellar blockchain. Each customer has an account on the blockchain that will hold their Cask Share purchases. Being on the blockchain means there is a public record of each and every transaction.

It may take many years, but when the spirit has finished maturing, the customer pays any taxes and postage due. The customer then transfers the Cask Share held on the blockchain back to Still In Cask, ready for you to deliver the bottle to them.

How It Works

sell a cask share

Offer for Sale

List a cask, determine the number of shares, set a price and indicate when it will be bottled.

Provide Updates

Engage with the customers by providing cask updates during maturation, so they can be part of the journey.

Bottle and Post

When the cask has reached maturity, we will collect the appropriate taxes and postage, so you can simply send the bottle to the customer.

Key Benefits Of Still In Cask

settingsSimple setup

Choose the cask, number of shares on offer, and price.... and we'll sort out the rest.

trending_downLow cost and transparent

The price you set is the price you get. We add a low platform fee of 4.9% that the customer pays, and show the breakout to the customer.

scheduleGet cashflow now

Sell casks now that have many years still to mature, allowing you to re-invest the cashflow into what you do best, making great aged spirits.

sync_altCustomer pays you directly

The customer's contract is with you hence you receive the cashflow from the customer directly to your Stripe account the moment the purchase is made.

groupsBuild a relationship with your customer

Provide regular updates on the cask throughout it's maturation, thereby building trust, and encouraging repeat purchases.

local_shippingDefer duty and postage

We collect duty, postage and addresses on your behalf, so you can concerntrate on bottling and shipping.

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