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Buy Cask Shares direct from distilleries
Build a virtual cellar of spirits whilst they mature, and take delivery once it is bottled.
Cask Shares
Cask ownership is a dream for many enthusiasts, and because of the expense often remains a dream. If you can find a group of like minded individuals to form a syndicate you might be able to turn the dream into reality. With you no longer need that syndicate. You can buy a share in a cask direct from the distillery.

When a distillery offers a cask for sale through Still In Cask it is divided into Cask Shares (equating to a bottle of spirit) on the blockchain. When you buy a Cask Share from the distillery, the Shares are automatically transferred to your account. It may take many years, but when the spirit has finished maturing the Cask Share can be redeemed and the bottle containing your Cask Share is sent to you to enjoy.
How It Works
buy a cask share

Buy a Cask Share

Once registered with Still In Cask you can buy Cask Shares.
cask share


Creating beautiful aged spirits takes years. You will just have to wait until it is ready.
cask share


When your Cask Share has reached maturity you will be notified and can redeem you Cask Share with the distillery for the bottles of spirit.
Key Benefits Of Still In Cask

scheduleEarly access to sought-after aged spirits

Often at a lower price than after bottling

add_circle_outlineSupport Innovative Distilleries

Often small, independent carft businesses that would otherwise wait years for an income

card_giftcardGift Your Cask Shares

An easy way to share the joy of cask ownership with other enthusiasts

directions_walkFollow the Maturation Journey

We provide regular updates on every cask during throughout it's maturation

liquorBuild a Portfolio From Different Casks and Producers

Spread the risk and discover new distilleries

peopleCask Spirit Ownership For All

We keep the costs low so anyone can join and start their own journey

Complete Peace Of Mind

Buying cask spirits can be daunting.

There are numerous pit-falls and shady operators. When buying through Still In Cask there are no middle-men, no brokers, you are buying direct from the distillery. Still In Cask has already vetted the distillery so you know their casks are genuine and you will recieve your spirit when the time comes.

Still In Cask uses state-of-the-art blockchain technology to ensure that your cask shares are as secure as possible.

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